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If you are looking to produce a professionally written resume, than there is quite a bit to know about how to format a resume that stands out. We have assembled a database of professionally written resumes to help aide you in the writing of your resume. You may browse the online resume examples by niche and learn about the different formatting, hot phrases, objectives and more.

With the unemployment rate surging, it is up to job seekers to stand out. It all starts with your resume. A poorly formatted resume will severely hurt your chances at landed an interview. Employers see thousands of resumes when hiring for a position. It is up to you to be proactive in how you approach your resume. Invest in yourself.

While you could hire a resume writer, you may not get what you pay for. Does the resume writer really understand the field you are in as well as you do? Does the resume writer care as much as you do if you get the job? In most cases, the answer is NO. That is why our resume writers developed professional resume templates for you to edit yourself. Put the saved money into things like a suit for your interview, gas money, etc.

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